Starting life as a producer of machinery for shoemaking, STEMA S.n.c has succeeded in a short space time, in achieving a place in the Italian and foreign markets among the best firms already operating in the sector. Continuing research into new products and new applications with a view to optimising production from the standpoint of quality/price, together with the immense passion for the job and the experience gained over the years, has allowed STEMA S.n.c. to appear today as a producer of electrical resistors.

    Alongside the normal production we now manufacture tubular resistors, with exposed filament standard and to design and FeCo thermocouples. Above all else consumers and sellers: this allows a virtuous union to be forged between technology and practical necessity with the resulting development of a finished product that is not only well made, but is also functional. Quality has a solid basis ensured by hiring highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the sector and by a production cycle that takes place entirely within the factory.

    The choice of the firm of maintaining an artisan structure allows the owners to attend and verify very phase of production personally starting from design, passing thorough the choice of materials and right up to final testing. Clients who are already familiar with the STEMA brand will appreciate this additional service in the knowledge that they can count, here too, on an excellent product: new clients will very quickly learn to appreciate our workmanship and the quality and competitiveness of our products.


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