TS34 – TS32

Double Chamber ironing tunnel

The TS32-TS34 ironing tunnel has evolved from traditional ironing tunnels.
With this machine STEMA can offer an innovative tool which is both flexible and safe for raising the standard of footwear produced to the absolute.

By the use of specific software and a control panel interacting with the machine, up to 10 customised programs can be set up which cover the entire range of materials to be treated.
Parameters of temperature and steam in chamber one and temperature in chamer two are set in connection with production and as this varies, temperatures and steam adjust automatically.

The machine goes through its cycle in two distinct, separate phases where the variables of temperature and humidification are separately distinguished and controlled.
The tunnel, which is a good deal longer than standard, has a first chamber devoted to humidification and ironing and stabilising is humidity free with temperature set independently of that in chamber one.
Here all flaws are eliminated from the leather by having it adhere perfectly to the former and stabilising it upon this.

On the exiting the footwear is blown with air at room temperature to bring it back ti the optimum temperature for subsequent operations.